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Spirit of the class

To provide a fixed cost, “out of the box” class that allows a reasonable choice of evenly matched cars from the
Le Mans Prototype era (post 1995). The following models are permitted :-
Aud1 R8, Audi R18, Lola B09 10 11 &12, Lola Aston Martin, Mclaren F1 GTR, Nissan
 R390 GT, Porsche 911 GT1 EVO98.

Any spare parts needed must comply with the specifications quoted below.


  1. Body

    • As supplied with the original car, no lightweight interiors.

    • Any kit versions used must have the same specifications as the RTR versions, above

    • RAW versions of any of the above cars have a different specification and are not permitted.

  2. Chassis / Motor Pod

    • As supplied with the original car or a like for like replacement, with CH74 motor pod.

    • It is permitted to change the plastic front axle supports for grub screws, top
      and bottom.

    • 4WD versions are not eligible.

    • Suspension systems are not permitted.

  3. Motor  

    • MN09CH. Complete with original yellow wrapper.

  4. Wheels/tyres

    • SIW17308215A rear wheels with plastic inserts. Free choice of any manufacturers rear tyres.

    • SIW17308205P or SIW17308225P front wheels with plastic inserts.
      PT1159C1 front tyres, which must not be excessively trued.

  5. Other parts  

    • Axles PA01-54. It is not permitted to use tubing to support the front axle.

    • Crown gear GA1628-pl.

    • Pinion PS11.

    • Guide CH66, 88, 88b, or wood track guides CH84, CH07.

    • Braid, eyelets, motor wires, screws and spacers are free choice, as per club general racing rules

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