Sideways Class


Spirit of the class

To provide a fixed cost, ready to race fast class that allows a wide choice of closely matched cars by using cars based on mechanical parts. The permitted cars give a choice across the 70s, 80s, 90s, and early 2000s, and allows you to race the fire breathing monsters of the production car based Group 5 “silhouette” eras, or the fastest closed wheel racing sports prototypes ever built. The “out of the box” (OTB) specification gives great track performance without the need for extensive modifications.

The following models from the and Racer Sideways range of cars are permitted for this class:-

Racer Capri.jpg

Any spare parts needed must comply with the specifications quoted below.


  1. Body

    • As supplied with the original car, no lightweight interiors. Bodies cannot be modified in any way. No lowering, lightening, enlarging wheel arches etc.

    • White kits must have exactly the same specification as the RTR version. 

    • RAW type cars are not eligible, as whilst the chassis configuration is the same as the permitted cars above, RAW models were fitted with a higher performance motor/other parts. RAW bodies may be used either repainted or in original orange, with racing numbers added (as per club general racing rules), but must be fitted with the standard interior.

  2. Chassis

    • Chassis must be of the same manufacture, type and specification as originally fitted.

    • For Racer Sideways cars, the Racer Sideways motor pod can be replaced with a Motor Pod, part number SICH74 (1mm offset).

    • cars must retain their standard fitment motor pod (SICH74 1mm offset)

    • Plastic front axle supports can be changed for grub screws top and bottom to allow easier axle height adjustment.

    • It is permitted to use any make/type of chassis screws, motor mount screws and motor screws.

    • Suspension is not allowed.

    • 4WD models are not allowed.

  3. Motor  

    • SIMN09CH. Complete with original yellow wrapper.

  4. Wheels/tyres

    • Rear and front wheels must remain standard on all cars  

      • rear wheels - 17.3x8.2mm, part number SIW17308215A or SIW17308225A.

      • front wheels – 17.3x8.2mm, part number SIW17308205P or SIW17308225P.

      • Racer Sideways rear wheels - 17.3x8.2mm ( replacement) part number SIW17308215A or SIW17308225A.

      • Racer Sideways front wheels – 15x8.2mm ( replacement) part number SIW15808225P

    • Original plastic wheel inserts must be fitted to all wheels.

    • Front tyres should remain as fitted to original cars, replacement tyres are part number SIPT1159C1, 17.2x9.5mm.

    • Rear tyres are free-choice of any manufactured (rubber) tyres. 

    • Front and rear tyres may be glued to wheels and trued. Front tyres must not be excessively trued.

    • Front wheels must be fixed and must not rotate independently on the axle.

  5. Other parts  

    • Guides on both makes of cars can be upgraded to the SICH85 screw-version.  

    • Axles must be made of one piece and of solid steel construction. No hollow axles are allowed.

    • The installation of tubing is not allowed to support front axles.

    • Grub screws can be used to set the car’s front ride height.

    • Crown gear GA1628-pl. 

    • Pinion PS11. 

    • Braid, eyelets, screws, spacers and motor wires are free choice as per club general racing rules.