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Racer Sideways - Group 5 1976-82


Spirit of the class

The group 5 regulations introduced in 1976 were designed to remove the restrictive prototype rules and allow manufacturers to compete at the highest level with race cars developed from production-based road cars. This resulted in an absolute glut of technically impressive cars hitting the grid.

The Racer sideways range includes a wide choice of the most successful versions raced around the globe and will be the basis of this class.

Any spare parts needed must comply with the specifications quoted below.


  1. Body

    • No changes are allowed to the original car body supplied with the car.

    • No lowering, weight reduction or wheel arch alterations, though wing mirrors and aerials may be
      removed from cars.

    • Interior and Windows must be as originally supplied with the car.

    • Spoilers must be firmly affixed to the car body before each race.

    • Headlamp and tail lamps must be in place for scrutineering.

  2. Chassis / Motor Pod

    • Chassis must remain standard as supplied with the car, no sanding or trimming to
      allow body rocking.

    • 1mm offset anglewinder motor pod as originally supplied with the car.

    • Crown wheel & pinion, as originally supplied with the car.

  3. Motor  

    • SIMN09CH. Complete with original yellow wrapper.

  4. Wheels/tyres

    • Front wheels as originally supplied with the car, 15x8.2mm. Part number SIW15807225P.

    • Rear wheels as originally supplied with the car, 17.3x8.2mm. Part number SIW17308215A(225A).

    • Front tyres as originally supplied with the car, 17.2x9.5. Part number SIPT1159C1.

    • Rear tyres are free choice of any manufacturer, rubber tyres only.

    • Overall axle width must not exceed 63 mm.

    • Wheels and tyres must not protrude outside the cars body.

    • As per Rule-13 of the general club rules 'Wheels must be an accurate version of a wheel from the period', therefore appropriate wheel inserts should be fitted.

  5. Other parts  

    • Guide must remain standard, as originally supplied with the car.

    • Axles, braid, eyelets, screws, spacers and wires are free choice, as per club general racing rules.

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