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NSR F1 1986-89


Spirit of the class

The 1986 F1 season saw the engine manufacturers master all the intricacies of the highly
complex 1.5 litre turbo charged engines and totally dominate the grids with the most
powerful engines the sport has ever seen. Too powerful to be accurately measured by the
dynamometers of the day, it was thought that 1500 bhp was being achieved in qualifying trim!

The NSR F1 86-89 range of cars will be the basis of this class. 



  1. Body

    • No changes are allowed to the original car body supplied with the car.

    • No lowering or weight reduction is allowed, though wing mirrors and aerials may be removed from cars.

    • Spoilers must be firmly affixed to the car body before each race.

    • Racing liveries are required, but can include fantasy liveries.

    • Interior and driver figure as originally supplied with the car.

    • Ballast may be added inside the car only, to a maximum of 85 grams.

  2. Chassis / Motor Pod

    • Chassis must remain standard as supplied with the car, no sanding or trimming to
      allow body rocking.

    • Motor pod, red extra hard NSR 1283 as originally supplied with the car.

    • NSR motor pod suspension kits may be fitted.

    • Pinion 10t 5.5mm as supplied with the original car. NSR 7010

    • Free choice of NSR or crown wheel.

  3. Motor

    • NSR Evo3 3023 21,400k as supplied with the original car. Complete with original pink


  4. Wheels / Tyres

    • Front wheels and tyres as originally supplied with the car, zero grip 18x10 Part
      numbers 5020, 5283. Minimum diameter 18mm.

    • Rear wheels as originally supplied with the car, Air-system 13x10mm. NSR 5021.

    • Rear tyres, NSR super grip or ultra grip 19x13mm or 19.5x13mm.

    • Rear tyres must have a visible NSR logo.

    • All four wheels must have inserts fitted, as originally supplied with the car.

    • Overall axle width must not exceed 68mm.

  5. Other Parts

    • Guide as originally supplied with the car, NSR 4841 or NSR 4859 wood track Guide.

    • Guides must be as supplied by NSR and unmodified.

    • Axles, braid, eyelets, , screws, and wires are free choice, as per club general racing




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