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Classic and Clubman rules - Pre War Le Mans


Spirit of the class

To recreate the challenge as manufacturer took on manufacturer, nation v nation at the 24-hours Le Mans races from  1930 to 1939.


Eligible Cars:

1:32 scale body shells of Cars that raced at Le Mans 1930-1939, including

Alfa Romeo 8C

Aston Martin Ulster

Bentley 4.4 Blower

BMW 328

Mercedes Benz SSK

Stutz Blackhawk

Resin or Hard Plastic 1:32nd scale bodies of cars that can be shown to have raced. Must start with all running gear including mudguards, running boards, windscreens and headlights. A 3D driver figure in resin or plastic which includes head shoulders, arms and torso. All to be painted in period liveries.


Penelope Pitlane Brass Chassis.

Brass, piano wire or plastic scratch built, but no wider than FF motor plus 3mm. Actual dimension

Resin George turner chassis appropriate to model.       
Wheelbase  1:32nd scale of original.


Track and Ground clearance:

There is an interrelationship between track, wheel diameter and ride height. Track determines the wheel diameter and the chassis ride height. Track & Ground clearance has been revised to allow for the running of some of the smaller cars of this era. However a Bentley turning out on 21mm diameter wheels is banned. Like wise a Austin 7 with a track of 55mm and 25mm wheels is not realistic.

In the table below all dimensions are in mm and track is outside to outside.

Track     Ground Clearance   Tyre diameter

   55                     4.5                        25

   54                     4.5                        25

   53                     4.0                        23

   52                     4.0                        22

   51                     3.5                        22

   50                     3.5                        21

Ballast may be placed inside the body, on top of Chassis or Under chassis, but must not breach ride height. 

Inline FF narrow can 18k motor. Track voltage will be set to 12 volts.



Must be the same front and rear. No greater than 7mm wide.
Penelope Pitlane Vintage (Stutz, Alfa, Bentley, Mercedes) 

PCS 19 wheels

Others Penelope Pitlane Classic.

All tyres lightly trued only.

Gear Ratio:


Free choice, but every effort must be taken for it not to extend beyond the dumb irons and be visible from above when on straight.

Some cars ran transverse suspension on the front such as Austin 7, anyone building such should confirm approach before construction.

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