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Classic and Clubman - 1970’s F1 , with Johnson motors


Spirit of the class

Scalextric cars from 1970’s F1 with Johnson Motors.

Eligible Cars:

Ferrari 312B2

Ferrari 312T1

Brabham BT44B

March Ford 721

UOP Shadow

McLaren M23

BRM P160

Lotus 72E

Lotus 77

Tyrell Ford

McLaren M9A

Elf Tyrell 007

March Ford 240

Wolf WR5

Tyrell 008

Ferrari 312 T3

Renault RS-01

Ligier JS11



Scalextric plastic body shell.

Period livery preferred.

Creation of period cars using scavenged parts from other models, or kits are allowed on application.


Scalextric Chassis as manufacturer released.

Cars with open bodies can have dummy chassis created for purpose of Ballast installation.

Can carry ballast unlimited.

Ride height 3mm.

Rear Track 70mm outside to outside.

Front Track 64mm outside to outside.



Stock Johnson 111 motor.

No rewinds but motor may be stripped and cleaned.


Scalextric plastic wheels front and rear.

PCS or other remoulds of original rubber.

Front tyres can be coated to reduce grip.

Other parts

Gears Scalextric plastic 27 tooth crown and 9 tooth pinion.


Guide NSR clip in standard track(not deep guide) .

Axles free choice.

Bearings brass or plastic clip in. Front axel may be tubed.

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