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Classic and Clubman - Pre War GP


Spirit of the class
GP and Voiturette cars racing just before the 2nd world war in international grand Prix competition. Aim is to recreate the flare and elan of these prewar races as nation challenged nation with technical and engineering advances. 1935-1939

Hard body of a prototypical car, body must be solidly fitted to the chassis in such a way as to truly represent car, it cannot appear to be lowered to chassis.
All body shells must be of hard plastic, glass fibre, resin, wood, metal or similar material.
Fixings should not be visible above or to the sides of the body; Tape may only be used for emergency repairs to hold body to chassis. All body fixings must be securely fixed to prevent loosening/dropping off during racing.

Vacuum formed bodies are not permitted.

All cars must be finished in a style sympathetic to the period being represented and carry at least two racing numbers.

All cars must have clear windscreens etc. fitted where they appear on the prototype.

Vacuum formed windscreens etc. are permitted.

All cars must have a suitably decorated and period correct, 3 dimensional, representation of a driver consisting of at least a head, shoulders, arms, hands and the upper part of a steering wheel.

The chassis, motor and all running gear must not be visible from above or through the cockpit opening and engine bay unless that which can be seen represents parts of the real car. Suspension components and exhaust systems for example and, on the later period cars, the rear floor and diffuser.

1. Penelope Pitlane brass Slimline chassis with no extensions to the sides
2. Scratchbuilt chassis of brass piano wire construction
3. Resin chassis of a type appropriate to the original kit manufacturer (e.g. George Turner, Shadowfax etc.)

Wheelbase and Track

Both dimensions must be set at 1:32nd scale plus or minus 2mm. Max width GP cars 53mm, Voiturette 50mm, measured tyre bulge to tyre bulge across the width of the car.

Ground Clearance
From the bottom of the chassis including ballast to track surface at any point. Excluding Screw Heads.
Grand Prix Car 4mm Minimum
Voiturettte Car 3mm Minimum


Free Choice The slot guide must not protrude beyond the front-most point of the car when in the straight ahead position and viewed from above.


Only slimline Scalextric FF silver can 18k motor may be used. Motors may be subject to random rpm testing at any time and any motors that, in the opinion of the scrutineers, do not appear to be an 18k motor will have to be changed before the car can be raced.

Motor Alignment

In-Line only

Front Wheels

Any wheel and tyre combination, but must give a true representation of the original (I.e. no low profile or inappropriately narrow tyres), appropriate period style 3D inserts or spokes in brass, plastic or white metalmust be fitted.  Wheels must be Penelope Pitlane Vintage or Penelope Pitlane CL ( Available from Pendle).  Voiturette cars must run on Penelope Pitlane CL wheels

Front Tyres

Overall diameter of wheels and tyre must be:
 - GP cars Min Diameter 21.5mm with a min width of 5mm.
 - Voiturettes Min Diameter 19mm with a min width of 5mm.

Coated Front Tyres

Yes but only to reduce grip.

Rear Wheels

As front wheels above

Rear Tyres

Overall diameter of wheels and tyre must be:
 - GP cars min Diameter 24mm with a max width of 7mm.
 - Voiturettes min Diameter 21.5mm with a max width of 7mm.
Tyres are measured bulge to bulge not contact patch

Summary of allowed wheel/tyre combinations
 - GP Car
   Wheels - Vintage PP
   Tyres - PPVT or PCS32277T

 - GP Car
   Wheels - PP CL
   Tyres - PCS 32246T or PCS 32266T

 - Voiturette Car
   Wheels - PP CL
   Tyres - PP-GPT

Glue & True tyres - yes

Axles - Free Choice

Gears - Free Choice

Magnet - No

Ballast - Free Choice

Weight - Min 65 grammes

Eligible Manufacturers Any

Age/Eligibility of Car - Must be a GP or Voiturette car run between 1935-1939.

Livery - It is essential that the car runs in an authentic livery from the period

Other - All Club Standard Rules also apply, please note particularly the rule about 3 in 1 oil being the only permitted tyre additive and that tyres must be dry when the car is presented at the start line

Track Voltage - will be set at 13.8 volts for all lanes

Eligible Cars -
Alfa Romeo Monza GP
Alfa Romeo Tipo5 GP
Alfa Romeo Bimoto GP
Alfa Romeo 8c/12c GP
Alfa Romeo Tipo 308 GP
Alfa Romeo 312 GP
Alfa Romeo T158 Voiturette
Alfa Romeo 512 Voiturette
Auto Union A GP
Auto Union B GP
Auto Union C GP
Auto Union D GP
Maserati 26M GP
Maserati V5 GP
Maserati 8CTF GP
Delage Straight 8 Voiturette
Mercedes W25 GP
Mercedes W125 GP
Mercedes W154 GP
Mercedes W165 Voiturette
Talbot 8C Voiturette
Amilcar MC0 Voiturette
Bugatti 35 Voiturette
Bugatti 54 GP
Bugatti 59 GP
Bugatti 59/50B GP
Delahaye 145 GP
Delahaye 155 mono GP
Delage 3lt GP
ERA Voiturette
Maserati 8C GP
Maserati 8CM GP
Maserati 4C GP
Maserati 6C 34 GP
Maserati V8R1 GP
Maserati 4CM Voiturette
Maserati 4CM special Voiturette
Maserati 6CM Voiturette
Maserati 4CL Voiturette
Monaco Trossi GP
MG K3 Voiturette
Salmson 8C Voiturette
Talbot 90 Mono side GP
Talbot 90 Mono cent GP
Zoller Voiturette

We feel that the above is a comprehensive list of eligible cars, however if you think any other cars may be eligible then please check with the scrutineers for clarification BEFORE buying or building to avoid disappointment at a later stage

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