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RevoSlot GT

Spirit of the class

To provide a fixed cost, ready to race fast class, that allows a choice of closely matched cars that are sufficiently durable, both physically and mechanically for extensive club racing.

The RevoSlot “out of the box” (OTB) specification helps to provide close competition between any level of drivers, without having to restrict the class to one model of car.
These cars raced in various worldwide GT championships and 24hr races including Zolder, Spa, Suzuka, Le Mans etc. and so are available in a range of liveries to suit personal choice.

Only the following models manufactured by Revoslot are allowed for racing in this class:

  • Chrysler Viper GTS-R

  • Dodge Viper GTS-R

  • Marcos LM600 GT2

  • Porsche 911 GT2

  • Toyota Supra.

....... and from July 14th 2022 .....

  • Ferrari F40

  • McLaren F1 GTR

  • Mercedes CLK GTR

  • Porsche 911 GT1

Any spare / replacement parts used must comply with the specifications quoted below.


  1. Body

    • No changes are allowed to car bodies, i.e. lowering, lightening, enlarging wheel arches etc. Mirrors and aerials may be removed. 

    • Original interiors must be fitted. Lightweight interiors are not allowed.

    • All clear parts must be original and fitted to the car before racing.

  2. Chassis

    • The Revoslot anglewinder chassis must be of the same type and specification as originally fitted.

    • Only Revoslot chassis screws, nuts, body screws and motor screws can be used.

    • Chassis components must not be altered in any way.

    • No axel stanchion spacers or any other chassis modifications allowed.

    • Ballast weight is not allowed.

  3. Motor  

    • Revoslot RS-211 21k  motor, which must be fitted closed-face down.

  4. Wheels/tyres

    • Revoslot RS127 (9.3mm width) RS108 (8.5mm) or RS117 front wheels.

    • RevoSlot RS109 (9mm) or RS128 (10.5mm) rear wheels.

    • Revoslot front tyres - Codes starting RS201 (RS201 & RS201M)

    • RevoSlot rear tyres - Codes starting RS202 (RS202, RS202S, RS202SG, RS202W, RS202WG RS202WS and RS202WSG).

    • Original plastic wheel inserts must be fitted to all wheels.

    • Front and rear tyres may be trued, but not glued to wheels.

    • Overall front and rear axle width (outside tyre-tyre dimension) must not exceed 64mm.

    • RevoSlot Air tyres (codes starting RS203) and Sponge tyres (codes starting RS204) are not allowed.

  5. Other parts (which must not be modified in any way)

    • Axles - Revoslot axles RS209.

    • Axle stoppers - Slotting Plus 3mm SP065101, Scaleauto SC-8112 mixed spacer pack.

    • Crown gear - Revoslot RS-419 33z Anglewinder, alternatively the BRM S-419A 33T AW Ergal Spur Gear may also used as a replacement.

    • Pinion - Revoslot RS-212 12z pinion 6.4mm.

    • Guide blade - Revoslot RS210 (7mm), RS210W (9mm) – both are supplied with new cars. 

    • Braid, eyelets and motor wires are free choice as per club general racing rules.

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