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A range of members cars from various classes

Thunder Saloon - Viva
F1 - 6-wheelers
Thundersaloon - Cortina
Thubder Saloon - CSL 3.0
Thunder Saloon - Beetle
Thunder Saloon - 1430
Classic GP
Mini - HMG 711B
Dundrod Class
Thunder Saloon - 2CV

We have a range of club cars should yours break or you not have one for a partiucular class, members are also generally willing to lend cars out.


We can host event race meetings for 'non racers' or people that want to try slot racing on a large non-magnetic track. We've previously held events for car clubs, work, parties and the like. We have a two sets of Club cars, DTM and Classic Mini. Contact us if you want to know more.

Club Cars - DTM
Club Cars - Mini
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