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Classic and Clubman - Dundrod TT

The intention is that the models should accurately represent the cars of the period so please respect this and stick to the spirit of this class. If you have any doubts about whether your car complies with the spirit of the class then please check with the scrutineers (Dave, Eric or Tim) before you either spend money or time building!

Scratch Built Cars

Any hard Plastic, Resin or Balsa shell created to near scale dimensions. Vac formed bodies are not eligible. Driver figure should be at least arms, torso, head and steering wheel, painted and of plastic or resin.
All cars must have clear window glass etc fitted where it appears on the prototype.
Vacuum formed windows and headlight covers are permitted
An authentic Dundrod livery is preferred but, as a minimum the livery should be appropriate to the period with at least two roundels
The maximum acceptable width for any body shell is 57mm unless excepted in the car list. Wheel Track however is expected to be set as specified below and not to the extremes of the body dimensions

Brass, Plastic, Resin, Piano Wire, PCB constructed chassis will be accepted.
Plastic and brass inline chassis from PCS, Pendle Slot Racing, Devis designs, Penelope Pitlane and similar will also be acceptable.
The minimum allowable ground clearance across the chassis will be 2mm excepting the slot guide.
Wheelbase must be 1:32 scale of original vehicle +2mm or -2mm. (Consult with Eric, Tim or Dave to confirm scale measurements)


When measured nearside to offside (from tyre bulge to tyre bulge) on an axle will be 1:32 scale of track of original vehicle plus width of one tyre +/- 2mm (Consult with Eric, Tim or Dave to confirm scale measurements). I.e. this will be the equivalent of measuring scale track from the centre of each wheel/tyre on a particular axle with a small tolerance built in.


can be any but must not be visible from above in front of body shell.

Motor Orientation:
Inline only. That is the motor axis sits at right angles to the rear axle and drives the axle by a pinion to crown gear.

Any DC Motor rated at 20,000 rpm or under @12v

Wheels and Tyres:
The aspect ratio should be in the scrutineers opinion correct to the period cars represent. Low profile tyres will not be allowed.
Tyres should be of a rubber compound but not silicone or sponge. They should come to the grid dry. Only treating with 3 in 1 oil (as per general club rules) will be allowed.
Wheels may be plastic or Alloy and fitted with appropriate 3D inserts.
Front the minimum diameter is set at 19mm with a Minimum width of 5mm.
Rear the minimum diameter is set at 21mm with a maximum width of 7.5mm.

Gear Ratio:
This may be selected by the entrant.

Ready To Run Cars:
These should have a body shell intended to represent an actual car listed in the Class list.
It should be presented with its original chassis and running gear.
The only allowable changes are:
The fitting of after-market urethane tyres to the same pattern as the original.
The gluing of tyres to wheels and light tyre truing of the tyre.
The Fitting of a deep guide for running on a routed track.

There remains an option for a halfway house where further

after-market (e.g. Alloy wheels , Axles, Gears, another

chassis.) parts are fitted to a RTR car. In that case it must

immediately comply with all the rules and scale

dimensions relating to scratch built cars.

Only cars that appear on the lists below of entered cars for each year are eligible.

Please note that there was no Tourist Trophy race at Dundrod in 1952.


(and lots of good pics of other stuff if you search the site!)

Dundrod TT.jpg

For hard bodied cars representing those that raced in the Tourist Trophy races at Dundrod from 1950 to 1955. We will also allow cars in Le Mans or other period liveries BUT they must be a car that ran at Dundrod (e.g. you may run a Jaguar D Type in a 1955 Le Mans livery as the D Type raced at Dundrod). Le Mans cars that did not also run at Dundrod will not be permitted. The competition will cater in the main for scratch built cars but will allow some stock RTR cars that represent cars of this period.

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