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Classic and Clubman - Crystal Palace

Spirit of the class
Voiturette cars that ran at Crystal Palace in 1937 and 1938.

Eligible Cars:

Alta 1.1

Austin 7

Bugatti T51

ERA A and B types

Frazer Nash 1.5

Maserati 4cm, 6cm


Riley 1.5

Resin, hard plastic body depicting a scale 1:32nd likeness to a suitable Voiturette car from period.
Painted in suitable national livery with minimum two race numbers. Driver 3D resin plastic head and torso in period dress


Penelope Pitlane chassis designed to except FF slimline motors.

Scratch built Brass, plastic, piano wire and resin.

Track to be 1:32nd scale +- max 2mm.

Wheelbase to be 1:32nd scale +- max 2mm.

Can carry ballast unlimited.

Ride height 3mm

18k rpm FF slim line motor eg Scalextric Motorbike motor.


Front - min diameter 19mm, minimum width 5mm

Rear - min diameter 21.5mm, maximum width 7mm

Wheels with 3D inserts of spokes in brass, plastic or white metal.

Other parts: 
Gears and Ratios free choice.

Running gear free choice.

Guide free choice to fit chassis not visable from above.

Axles free choice.

Bearings to suit chassis.

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