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Targa Florio


(Fly Classic -Production Models)


Fly Production Models of Eligible Cars up to 1970, excluding Porsche 917.

  • Porsche 906

  • Porsche 908

  • Lola T70

  • Chevron B19

  • Chevron B21

  • Ferrari 250LM

  • Ferrari 512S


Full standard body with interior as supplied.

Any additions on application only.


  • Original Fly Chassis as supplied for the body chosen.

  • Standard chassis (edges may be relieved to give body rock) Motor pods may be fixed to main chassis if desired.

  • Chassis base (black line below) should remain level with body sills (green box) and not have body lowered on Chassis.

  • Any modifications not mentioned above are not allowed.



  • Deep wood guide.


  • Standard 18k motor.


  • Stock plastic wheels, as supplied front and rear.


Front Tyres:

  • Minimum outside measurements 19mm x 9.5mm, Small wheel cars 20mm x 8.5mm.

  • Glue and True – Yes

  • A clear cote of varnish is allowed.


Rear Tyres:

  • Minimum outside measurements 20mm x 12mm, Small wheel cars 20 x 10.25.

  • Compounds from BRM, Ortman, WASP replacement tyres.


  • May tube front axle and replace stub axels.


  • Plastic pinions may be replaced by brass items with the same number of teeth.
    (9T for inline, 11T for sidewinder).

  • Crown and spur gears remain as stock items (wheels will be press fit to axels)


  • May be added inside the car, but NO weight to be added to the bottom of the chassis.

Track Width:

  • As fixed by original axel and tyres. Any questionable spiders will be swatted.


  • Authentic period livery only.

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