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Classic and Clubman - 1/2 litre Thunderbolt


Spirit of the class

Sprint races for 500 cc cars running to formula three regulations 1946 to 1953 produced by small garage builders in United Kingdom. Major manufacturers were Keift, Cooper, IOTA, JBW.

Suitable 1:32nd scale representation of class cars in resin or hard plastic and scratch built. Request separate list for dimensions. Must be in period livery with ¾ driver figure in resin or plastic.

Scratch built brass steel plastic or Penelope pitlane chassis to fit under body, Wheelbase and track to 1:32nd scale of car represented. Minimum ride height 4mm.

25k Bear dog narrow short motor installed inline.

15-inch plastic or alloy wheels fitted with PP Classic front tyres or similar outside diameter front and rear 20mm, max width 5mm.

Other parts
Axels and Gears open to what can be found to safely fit under body.


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