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Open GT - Sport Prototype


Spirit of the class

The fastest class we race at the club. Free choice of commercially available tuning parts can be used so that you can build the fastest car possible. Any parts used must be in standard, “off the shelf” condition, e.g. motors unopened, guide blades unaltered etc.



  1. Body

    • Free Choice of hard bodied material.

    • Open wheeled designs are not permitted.

    • Maximum width 65mm.

  2. Chassis

    • Free choice of plastic chassis. Metal chassis restricted to Penelope Pitlane or scratch built only.

  3. Motor

    • Free choice.

  4. Wheels/tyres

    • Free choice.


  5. Other parts

    • Axles, braid, eyelets, guide, gear, pinion, screws, spacers and wires are free choice, as per general rules.

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