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Classic Scalextric Minis

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Spirit of the class

Relive your younger days when we raced Minis (everybody had them?) on your track set out in your mum’s dining room, laid out snaking through the table and chair legs! Race these retro cars again but with modern underpinnings giving better handling/reliability. Retro cars means retro look so racing liveries, interiors etc are required, as per club general racing rules.



  1. Body

    • All Classic Mini’s from the Scalextric 1960’s–1980’s range, i.e. Clubmans,  Coopers, Metros (including classic 6R4).

    • Body shells must be standard un-modified Scalextric.

    • Resin bodies may be allowed by Technical Committee approval only.

  2. Chassis

    • Inline motor configuration only.

    • Original standard Scalextric Mini chassis.

    •  3D printed plastic chassis.

    •  PCS32 plastic chassis.

    •  Penelope Pitlane ‘Clubman’ chassis.

  3. Motor

    • Free choice.

  4. Wheels/tyres

    • Free choice, though wheels must be an accurate representation of a wheel from the period. If inserts are needed they must be a 3D type.

    • Tyres are allowed to protrude beyond the bodywork front and rear as per the  original look of the Scalextric model up to a maximum width of 54mm. The Metro  6R4 is restricted to a maximum axle, wheel and tyre width of 54mm front and rear.


  5. Other parts

    • Axles, braid, eyelets, guide, gear, pinion, screws, spacers and wires are free      choice, as per club general racing rules.

  6. Maximum Weight

    • 90 grams.


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