GT3 6hr Endurance 2022 - Regulations

Regulations for GT3 Endurance @ South Manchester 23rd Jan 2022

1.    All cars should endeavour to meet the new 2022 National GT3 regulations.
2.    The race will last 6hrs. The length of heats will depend on the number of teams entered 
3.    There will be a 3-5-minute changeover period between heats.
4.    Each team can race as many cars as they wish if they have passed scrutineering.         Scaleauto and NSR cars can be part of the same team.
5.    All team members must drive in the race. Teams of three are preferred.
6.    Drivers may changeover at any time in the race using the ‘pit area’ only.
7.    Tyre cleaning or servicing and repair stops must be carried out after stopping in the designated ‘Pit Area’.  A 5-lap penalty will be applied for each and any infringement of the ‘pit area’ regulations.
8.    Cars can be swapped at any time using only the ‘Pit Area’.
9.    Cars must have a firmly attached spoiler at the start of the race. Detached spoilers only be replaced at the ‘Pit Area’ within 5 laps. Any laps completed after this will not be counted until the spoiler is reattached.
10.    At a track call (bridge or straight) – cars must not have any work done to them. (On the 3 Rivers track at a ‘Bridge Call’ cars may be brought back to the ‘sight line’).
11.    When a car de-slots on the straight. a call of ‘straight’ can be made by any driver. The track power will be cut by race control. Be aware of missing a lap if your car rolls over the finish line after the power is cut.
12.    On 3 Rivers Track only the Yellow Marshal decides on the need for a ‘Bridge Call’. Drivers should not make this call.

13.    Each team must always provide a marshal, teams of two must arrange for cover with members of other teams.
14.    Suspected missing laps can only be ‘claimed’ before the start of the following heat by informing Race Control and having it recorded on the official sheet. This can be verified later.
15.    This is intended as a pre-season shakedown event. We expect drivers to race ‘legal’ cars however some leniency will be allowed by the organisers and with the general agreement of other teams if necessary.
16.    Please enjoy the day. It will be a great opportunity to try out your cars.

Richard August – on behalf of SMSRC