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Spirit of the class

To race cars built to compete in the Formula One world championships during the years 1970 to 1989. Cars must start club heats in the recognised form that they normally raced, i.e. wheels and tyres must be in the proportion that accurately reflects the real car (LOW PROFILE GT TYPE TYRES ARE NOT PERMITTED) and if original wings, aero-foils and engine intakes/covers are not available any replacements fitted must bear a close resemblance.

Bodywork modifications are only allowed to create variations of cars (e.g. making a Tyrrell P34 six wheeler from a modified Tyrrell 007). 




  1. Body  
        – Free Choice of hard bodied material type body.
         - Any non-original replacement rear wing fitted must have a minimum height from the ground approximately equal to the highest part of the car body/engine cover/air box, excluding any roll bar feature that might protrude above such bodywork.

  2. Chassis
        - Inline motor configuration only.
        - Permitted chassis types are the cars original plastic, All Slot plastic, PCS plastic, or 3D printed plastic types, plus Penelope Pitlane metal chassis.

  3. Motor  
        - Any manufacturer with a maximum rating of 20.5 rpm @12 V, plus slim line type motors up to 30K rpm @12 V.


  4. Wheels/tyres
        - Free choice of manufacturer.
         - 68mm maximum width rear wheel/axle assembly.
         - 18.5 minimum overall diameter rear wheels and tyres with 15mm maximum width rear tyres.
         - 66mm maximum width front wheel/axle assembly.
         - 16mm minimum overall diameter of front wheels & tyres with tyre width  between 8mm & 9mm.
         - Wheels must be an accurate representation of a wheel from the period. If inserts are needed they must be a  3D  type.

Other parts      
        – Axles, braid, eyelets, guide, gear, pinion, screws, spacers and wires are free choice, as per club general racing rules.


70's & 80's F1

This Class is not Currently Raced